Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing Services

Larger companies that offer multiple health plans to multiple divisions can have a difficult reconciliation across insurance carriers for individual participants. Henehan Consolidated Billing Services offers a custom outsourcing service that can alleviate internal time juggling while increasing accuracy.

Consolidated billing services provide a central reference point for gathering and managing necessary information required to maintain control and accountability for the designated group benefit plans. A master data set of all your company’s eligible employees is maintained via letter, fax, phone, modem or Internet connection to our facilities.

Henehan Administrators will provide Consolidated Billing services to your company which include the following:

  1. Coordination and facilitation of additions, terminations, changes, and adjustments to the plan eligibility listing of each facility and/or cost center.
  2. Monthly reconciliation reporting, and premium transmittals to all carriers.
  3. Consolidated invoices to your company, including detail backup for payment to carriers.


Henehan Administrators can assist you with a customized consolidated billing plan that could help your company in the more accurate, timely and cost-effective payment of health insurance premiums.

We provide consolidated billing and COBRA services for companies with 20 to 20,000 employees.