HRIMS for the Entertainment Industry

HRIMS for the Entertainment Industry

Henehan Administrators specialize in customized, online HR benefits management and COBRA administration systems.

 Is your benefits administration program difficult to manage? Many companies, including the entertainment industry, find it difficult to aggregate benefit premium payments into one monthly payment. Henehan Administrators can help you manage large and complex benefits programs and the associated burden of paperwork.

Benefits for employees who work for multiple companies, are consolidated into one online system and source for data, and one premium payment amount.

With online human resource information designed to your company’s specifications, your Human Resource manager will have instant information available on the Internet.

The Henehan Administrators HR Information Management System integrates information from different applications into one universal database, reducing manual workload for HR and Payroll departments. It connects all aspects of human resources, from the job application to retirement. The system records basic demographics and address data, selection, training and development, capabilities and skills management, compensation planning records, vacation days and sick days, performance reviews, as well as training and management of benefits.

All of this information is shared and updated throughout the enterprise, without the need for redundant data entry.

For more information on the Henehan Administrators HRIMS system, please call: 909-383-7040