ACA Helper

ACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Do you know all about the following important items?

  • 120 Hours a Month
  • 130 Hours a Month
  • 90 Day Waiting Period
  • Measurement Period
  • Look Back Period
  • Stability Period
  • Administrative Period
  • 9.5% Income
  • Enrollment Period 30-60 Day Tax

Human Resource Management

Eliminate the inconvenience of benefits. Let us help you take care of your company’s benefits administration and give your employees easy access to information online.

Payroll/Time & Attendance

Online payroll administration and time and attendance tracking. Easy to use online time clocks that make easy payroll and easy process.

Benefits Administration

Benefits management made easy. Complete administration of Flexible Spending, Dependent Care, Premium only plans, Health Reimbursement Account, COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA Requirements.